About Me

Wandering Senyorita is my little space in the web. It is where all my travel experiences and thoughts can be found.

Who is Wandering Senyorita?
I love to anything and everything under the sun but is very vocal to say that I am not a writer (so please bear with me. 😀 ). I am getting married soon to a wonderful man named Ryan, you’ll definitely know more about him soon.

My life revolves around family, (future) hubby, career, friends, reading books, watching series and travelling.

I am from Pampanga, a small province in the Philippines. They say that Pampagueña’s are undoubtedly the best cook! (or so I say. :p)

Why Wandering Senyorita?
I grew up very sheltered and the idea of traveling is frightening. I am afraid to try new things, afraid of the idea of travelling alone. I though that life is about working, going home, reading books, watching movies with the family, meeting up with friends – repeat.

It came to a point where it felt like I was missing something.. It felt like I needed to do something, and so I promised myself to try a different approach with my life come 2016. So I tried mountain climbing, went to Cebu and Boracay with family and friends.

I tried to do things that I don’t dare to do previously and you know what? I was able to experience wonderful things like meeting new faces, understanding their culture and I think that is the best. I am missing half of my life. And so, I created this, to fuel my travel dreams and future adventures.

Wandering came from the idea that I wanted to Travel.
Senyorita is a Filipino word for little princess. I am my parents little princess even up to now, believe it or not. 😀

Thus, Wandering Senyorita was created.

Interesting Facts about Me:
– I love to eat ice cream when it’s raining
– I don’t taste food while cooking, I always ask someone else to taste it for me
– I am very quiet. hahahaha