What Makes An SEO A Hero?

My blog has been sitting for awhile and I can’t seem to find the right motivation to start writing articles until now. What made me decide, you ask? I would like to share with you what I’ve been up to this past few months.

SEO Hero

SEO Hero

Image from seohero.support

Last month, Propelrr joined the SEO Wix competition spearheaded by the SEO Team. At first, we would just like to take this as an experiment to see if we can actually compete hand in hand with all the well-known SEOs around the globe. But as we are planning and discussing it, this question arise “What makes an SEO a Hero?”.

This made us thinking. For years of working in the industry, sure we’re being acknowledged as a Hero by the clients we’ve handled but it boils down to another question, “What makes a hero, hero?” then?

Do all the things that we’ve been doing made an impact? Maybe.

Are we able to change lives? Maybe.

Have we made a societal impact? Probably.

But what does this makes us? How can we help further?

Then we realized, why not turn this money contest into something more valuable and include any SEO Hero in the industry to become a part of us.

The answer to the question then does not just revolves in the nitty-gritty SEO Tasks but going beyond what we are capable of doing in transforming if not helping the people.

It was exciting, nerve-racking and a self-fulfilling cause and everyone seems to be optimistic about it, which makes it even more exciting.


Concept Planning

Image from Pexels via Pixabay.

Planning is the crucial part, there are a lot of things that needs to be taken cared of. For someone who hasn’t joined an international competition, we make mistakes here and there but I guess, at the end of the day, what’s important is that, in every step that we are making, we are all learning and we are doing it together.

We chose to donate the full prize of $50,000 to a foundation that can provide the much-needed aid for the Syrian Children. We chose Syrian Kids because it breaks our heart to know what their situation is and the news in Aleppo is just heartbreaking.

The Foundation


Image from Karam Foundation

Choosing a legitimate and respectable organization/foundation is no easy. Especially since we read some reviews that other foundations actually use the money to support ISIS and or any other organizations instead of helping the people. Scary! 

At the end we chose Karam Foundation, aside from they don’t have any bad reviews at all, they are considered as one of the organizations helping Syrian Refugees by Huffington Post and yes, the most important thing is they provide the much-needed help to Syrian children. 

The SEO Heroes


Image from Clker Free Vector Images via Pixabay.

Since we started the cause, a lot of SEO professionals showed their support and a lot are calling our attention for them to be able to support us too. This is the heartwarming part, a lot of people wants to help, they just don’t know how. And now that we have the seo.support site, they now have an avenue to show their support and hopefully be one of the reasons as to why we can donate the prize to Syrian children.

These supporters, be it an international or local, gave their time and support to a good cause. Hats off to these awesome people: Glen Dimaandal, Luis Rodriguez, JC Carlos, Sheila Dela Pena and Jec Gonzales, Dean Chew, Fervil Von Tripoli, Raymond Anthony Chua, Jayson Bagio, Arvin Angeles, Luch Zanirato, Micah Lacsamana De Jesus, Floyd Buenavente, Joseph Gojo Cruz, Adrian Gaña and to other interested and succeeding SEO Hero supporters! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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